Stark Skincare Meadowfoam The Everybody Oil

Cool name, eh? Yes, it’s for everybody. And, given by a very pregnant Jessica Lee Lafleur (she’s the charming founder of Stark Skincare and due to deliver any minute now) as really does insist the organic body oil is safe enough to use on her newborn son. See, the Vanilla-tinged citrus scent is the first thing Baby Stark will smell as Papa Stark will be dutifully rubbing this emollient oil over Mama’s Stark exhausted belly to ease her labour pains. Ain’t love so grand?

Baby Stark is going to be one lucky lad; he’ll be getting this oil massaged into skin after his bath and right before bed. Much like what you ought to do. To replenish moisture without a greasy after feel, Stark Skincare uses Meadowfoam Seed oil blended with Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Coconut oils. Meadowfoam seed oil has a track record of popularity as it’s very close in structure to Jojoba; the oil is drenched with Vitamin E rich fatty acids, which work to prevent moisture loss on skin and actually anchor the scent of essential oils. It’s also highly resistant to oxidation, which means your body oil won’t go rancid very quickly.

The Everybody Oil ($42) is quite right for everyone and everything. On skin, the fresh burst of citrus absorbs instantly. But, try it on hair to reduce the frizz. Because Meadowfoam is resistant to oxidation, you’ve got an oil that can improve hair’s shine, even when coloured. John Davis, co-founder and director of AG Hair Cosmetics says, “Any time you can prevent oxidation in hair you are going to keep hair and hair color more vibrant. If the color molecules start to oxidize you start losing color and it fades.” And, because of the light feel and structure, the oil washes out with one rinse when used as a 30-minute intensive mask.

I like the incredibly smelling cleanness of the Lavender, which is blended with a soft Vanilla and Sweet Orange oils. With an overt citrus opening, the smell settles into a hazy warmth of sweetness and feels just so classic when you wear it. Intimate, in a way.

For someone who wants to try the elemental brilliance of body oil for the first time, this is a good bet. Every bottle is handmade from scratch in small, pristine batches and delivered from door to door in two days, even over the bittery cold skies of Canada to the bright, sun-shiny city of LA.

Speaking of adorably cute deliveries...Jess, congratulations on your newest bundle of joy!

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Citrus
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity