SkinnySkinny Cardamom Soy Candle

Cardamom’s legendary aphrodisiac properties have been largely extolled in the Arabian Nights; in the Mughal courts, the softly coloured pods were once covered in gold foil and offered as a breath freshener.

Making an exceptional Cardamom candle means the oil ought to exude a stagey whisper of the spicy sweet scent. Too soft and Cardamom blends away into the air too quickly; too strong and you’ll face the full spicy force of ginger, which isn’t what you even paid for.

From SkinnySkinny comes an idyllic Cardamom Soy Candle; smooth and refined simply because no other essence stands in the way of the refreshingly sweet but piquant waft. The aromatic splendor is quietly inviting. Nestled within the 100% soy wax is the warm infusion of Cardamom essential oil, which swiftly seeps into your surroundings with a stagey whisper; loud enough to be heard, but lady enough to be demure.

Discreet and enchanting, the clean-burning candle offers up a generous throw and fills the room of its intoxicatingly exotic smell. Well suited for men and women alike, the scent will invariably make you feel good; the eco-friendly recycled glass will make you feel even better about buying it.

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