Orofluido Beauty Elixir for the Hair

What is it:leave-in hair conditioner ($30) that reduces frizz with Argan’s potent power. Africa has put the spotlight on all things Argan. But, this isn’t just another Argan oil.

Why it matters: Actually, there are two other oils in this: Linseed and Cyperus oils. The former is best know for bringing superior shine to the lackluster locks, and the latter is reputed to slow down hair loss. Cyperus is an Egyptian essential oil, not a carrier like Argan, which is something I want to call attention to.

Why it impresses: Well, the vain blogger in me really wants to say the irresistibly gorgeous bottle. But, I’ll get real. For the tenderness of its seamless Vanilla scent. Good gawds, I want this Vanilla in a body oil form as the nice perfumey kind of Vanilla I like. Not the cupcake kind. The hair oil is visibly more viscous than the usual hair oils you’ve probably tried. Curly and kinked out hair types will appreciate this as a few drops of this golden oil will reduce the frays in one fell dollop.

Though I will confess – I did wear the Vanilla on my pulse points to see how the scent evolves. Two hours later, it remains elegant and stirring to the point of re-sniffs. If any sly Orofluido rep comes across this post by chance, I will say it straight up…please create a perfume oil out of your proprietary blend. It’s the Vanilla I’ve sought high n’ low. Please.

The Final Word: Yeah, the bottle? The scent? The Argan? Worth the surprisingly low price tag as this  bottle will last you a long while considering 5-6 drops is all you really need.