International Orange Anoint Body Oil

What is it: A heady body oil ($45) infused largely with Green Tea through a Grapeseed base that was gifted to me by a darling huile lover and friend. Her thoughts were I’d adore beautifully blended subtle Jasmine, which would be a real treat to wear. She was right.

Why it matters: Delightfully organic, the Green Tea is here in copious amounts. Science shows of all the antioxidants known, the components of green tea are the most potent. The same scientists found that the polyphenols in green tea also had anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Jojoba and Avocado oils are added to give skin a nourishing boost of fatty acids.

Why it impresses: The clean green notes of Vetiver infused through the Jasmine makes the strongly scented come to life. There is an aloof Bergamot, which sits afar but nicely freshens the blend. It’s quite an androgynous scent, not as floral as you’d expect. But, if I could imagine a gent wearing subtle Jasmine, it’d be through the likes of this unmistakably distinctive blend.

The Final Word: A new way to heighten your delight for Jasmine. Dear friend, thank you for the introduction to a green tea infusion of a different kind.