Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

There are probably hundreds of ways to make a body scrub between the various types of carriers and innumerable essential oil blends one can possibly dream up. I do love so many of them especially when the oils are so deeply scented that you don’t even want to wash off the treatment.

And, yet the one I often yearn and reach for every spring is the Fresh Brown Sugar Polish. See, Fresh was a luxury organic brand long before it was cool to be eco-smart. It’s no-nonsense white packaging, accessible CEO and historic pedigree (the brand’s signature treatment – Crème Ancienne – is inspired by ancient monks in a Czech monastery) all made me feel like I was experiencing a sense of luxury that only the Europeans know how to create.

Sugar is an antiquated ingredient; the founders of Fresh pioneered its use in the beauty industry with this scrub. Ironically, it was both of the founders’ grandmothers that used sugar as a natural antiseptic to heal scrapes, and so it made much sense for Fresh to create this proprietary oil-based polish.

There’s a lot that’s rare and precious in Brown Sugar. First off, medium-sized sugar crystals are blended into a base of five nurient-heavy oils like Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Jojoba, Sunflower and Evening Primrose. A nice spa-like scrub is what you’ll get cos’ crystals contain more moisture than white sugar, thus acting as a natural humectant on skin. May I point out that sensitive skins should know there’s a lot of oil in this tub of magic, which allows you to temper down the scruff as much as needed. Scrub at will, if you will.

The gaggle of oils is rich as expected in fatty acids, but Sweet Almond is one to appreciate. According to the February 2010 issue of "Complementary Therapies In Clinical Practice," almond oil has emollient properties, which gives it the ability to rejuvenate and soften the skin, which will even out the skin tone and improve the complexion. While you buff away, you can help shaving nicks and other marks fade faster with consistent use.

The rarer ingredients are what make the umbery coloured scrub a cut above the norm; Ginseng Root extracts and Peppermint energize the skin while Calendula is added to soothe the sore pores from an intense rubdown. I could sputter on about the oils, but let's get to that legendary scent…a whole other inhale to speak of.

The insanely addicting scent is why I go back. I'm pretty confident that a deft hand was used to create this well-crafted blend of citrus oils that fall largely on the accents of Bergamot and Orange essences, which marry wonderfully. Each of the highest quality, together they bring a sprightly sweetness to skin that persists for long after your rinse.  Litsea Cubeba complements the fizzy Orange with its sparkly lemony touch giving the scrub a plush yet whimsical scent that makes its rub so, so alluring. Te best part? The gorgeous scent stays with skin.

Online chatter groans say to watch for a slippery tub after using the scrub or even tipping the jar over, but I’ll freely admit to the fact that I had no difficulty with the polish when using it during a bath not a shower. The sugar dissolves onto skin and the oils lay quietly atop allowing the water to bead off and away into the foaming froth. I saw no slip nor slime, though I did make sure to give the sugar a few swirls to mix up the oil. I’ll go as far as to resolutely say use the damn scrub in a bath not a shower; this serves as a hazard warning to nervous users who fear a slip. Be mindful about soaking for a few minutes before exfoliating as allowing the skin to soften will help it shed off easier.

Ahhhh…Fresh…always possessing good taste and imparting true luxury. If you haven't tried it just'll curse yourself later for waiting so long to do so.

$65 available at Sephora.