Cloud of Protection By Nieves

What is it: Something so different from what you’ve seen in oils; an ultrafine spritz ($18) that helps keep icky airborne pathogens and bad vibes at bay whether you’re in the office or out and about.  It’s almost as if it was made for the reek of New York subways and their riders who deal with the suffocating polluted grit n' grime on their daily commute. Nifty!

Why it matters: First off, because I, like you, am always interested in seeing what people are doing with essential oils. Secondly, because this really is a mood-lifter when stale air and energies sap you out completely. And, nothing wrongly overshadows your mood when a fleeting stink passes under your nose. This tender mist comes in a spray bottle with a portable version for $7. 50 that you can refill. Mist around you, above you, behind you…anywhere where you need some refreshment. And, while New Yorkers will want to bring it along wherever they go, Angelenos will find it perfect to tuck away in their cars for those predictably long evening commutes instead of those tacky car wash mists.

Why it impresses: There are no carrier oils to weigh down the purely organic essences; Juniper Needle, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Rose with natural Grape Spirits. In a flash, you’ll adore the sweet lemony saccharine of Lisea Cubeba’s that’s kept clean and tight with Juniper Berry. And, it ends with Benzoin's soft, vanillic warmth. I didn’t snort any Eucalyptus up in my scent buds, which I feared would turn this a bit more medicinal. Instead, the mist is rather airy, fresh, and pleasing, heck I even used it a body mist and liked it’s unique blend, one that could actually work as a body oil.

Best Tip: On your yoga mat.