Cinq Mondes Sublime Oil

I’ve splurged on plenty of uniquely scented oils in my time. And, I will say this - adding a few bucks extra certainly warrants a better pedigree of oils and essences. And, I've noticed those few that hit the triple dollar digit mark bring a scent that lasts nearly as long as a perfume oil. And, if you know me well enough by now, you know of that peculiar fondness I have for anything French.

Long a favourite of most serious skincare lovers, I do believe the shrewd French do nearly everything right in skin and body care. While I do love a well-balanced Eastern perfume blend with Oud or the Japanese tradition of Bamboo in a scrub, I appreciate how the French wholly infuse an intangible deeply rich spirit in their famed beauty treatments; rare ingredients; sensuous scents that don't overpower and simplistic packaging that manages to captures the convergence of sex appeal and utilitarian need. It’s this ode to luxury skincare that Cinq Mondes imbibes in its celebrated spa and product line.

The Sublime Oil ($56) is one you’d think would run the tab a bit pricey. But, it doesn’t. You can feel good about knowing you’re getting this impeccably blended dry oil that works as wonderfully on skin as it does on hair.

Multi-taskers will appreciate the extremely fine oil that can be sprayed; Fractionated Coconut Oil steps out of Argan's shadow as it's the forerunner choice for dry ends. Scientists have studied the effects of certain oils on hair (such as Coconut, Sunflower, Olive and even the hideously ick mineral). And the results for coconut oil are pretty exciting--it has been shown to actually have the ability to penetrate damaged hair.

Damaged hair is caused in part by the continuous swelling and shrinking of hair fibers as a result of water retention and absorption. In a study, performed by Princeton researchers and published in the "Journal of Cosmetic Science," hair fibers that had been penetrated by Coconut oil were unable to swell significantly. In other words, using Coconut oil will fill up and protect hair from possible damage.

Heat styling anyone? You need this dry oil. Recently, a dear reader (Nikita P.) mentioned she doesn’t have the time to sit and let her semi-curly hair sop up a hair oil for 30-60 minutes I often recommend. With a few spritzes of the Sublime oil, you can wear this oil all day and enjoy its gleaming finish, especially when the tresses will be pulled up, in or back. Free from silicones and parabens, Sublime oil is a gentle and rejuvenating formula with Sunflower Oil and Gardenia Flower and promises to boost fine hair, or tame and smooth coarse stands without added weight. No need to worry about how the oil will wash out: it will and in one quick rinse.

On skin, it’s equally a decadent pleasure as any great French product offers to be.  A bright and cheery Grapefruit scent outplays the Gardenia and comes wafting through the natural parfum to your skin. In a short 30 seconds, the oil settles into skin leaving a whispery trail of a light yet fleeting sweetened citrus scent kept at bay.

The minimalist plastic bottle invokes the French spirit of ease and calm. There isn’t even a cap, but rather a discreet plastic doohickey to lock up the spray for when you travel. Less of packaging was spent; more of the pureness of savory oils is what makes this well made oil a tantalizing way to bring the fun of oils to a tight schedule.

With spring afoot, olive skin toned beauties ought to try Sublime on the bare legs for a light-reflecting sheen that imparts a healthy all-over glow.

This is the type of sheer bliss the French are known to embrace.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Citrus
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity