Bridgewater Candle Co. Sweet Grace

Candles can be a powerful medium for change. If you’re going to buy just one candle this year, get acquainted with Bridgewater Candle Co. as you’ll be thrilled to know your endless fascination with scents and lighting can help tackle the ugly problem of malnutrition.

To speak of a cause from beauty sometimes seems obscene. But, let's get real - we do live in a world where 144 million souls are orphaned and by the time you read up to this sentence, two orphans have died from malnutrition. Bridgewater has committed themselves to the cause and partnered with to feed these unfortunate children. From every sale of their highly scented, beautifully packaged jar candles, Bridgewater donates enough to feed a child for a day. One jar feeds one child in one day. And, this functional goodness happens here every day.

The sincerity of the brand’s sweet charity doesn’t end here. You can support a child for a whole week if you snap up the specially created Sweet Grace candle ($20 seen above) packaged in a specially create ceramic handprint container.

Bridewater is a brand that inspires people by its fortunately kitsch-free candles and diffusers.  With superbly long throws, good clean burns (from a natural soy-blend wax) and a wide array of choices, there’s a well-conceived scent here for everyone no matter how finicky your taste; all lacking those sometimes pretentious whatchamacallit names:
Be a part of the powerful potential started by Bridgewater, which uses your click to catalyze change.

Great charity begins in your heart.

$18 - $22 available at