Acure Organics Leave-In Argan Oil + Stem Cell Conditioner

The solid reasons to try Acure Organics are aplenty. Buying a bargain can be a crapshoot; one false start can turn you off the oil bandwagon, but once you get through this list, you’ll have a good feeling about the oil and its roots and see how sensible it’ll be to add the Leave-In Argan Oil + Stem Cell Conditioner ($9.99) hair treatment to your arsenal of hair care.

The price; at $9.99 you are getting an extraordinary steal of a deal. No, this isn’t just any old Argan oil bottled up with a nozzle. Skim the ingredients to be impressed; Acai Berry, Blackberry, organic Rosehips and Pomegranate oils are just a few of the potent elements in this wonder treatment.

The science; Added to Argan (the oil and Stem Cell) is d-panthenol, which has a strong and proven moisturizing effect, helps to restore hair structure. And, you see CoQ10, another antioxidant that has been shown to aid in hair growth and repair in numerous clinical studies.

The scent; natural essential oils Lemongrass, French Lavender, Oakmoss and Rosemary provide a harmonious contrast to the initial lemony opening, which quickly makes way for the invigorating intensity of the Oakmoss without rendering the scent too woody nor too masculine. It’s rather an interesting blend that doesn't lose its delicacy...almost coolly unisex. I like it so much, that I start wondering about the wonderfully clean scent in a body oil form. A discreet veil of scent to wear during the day. And, the oil rinses off very quick.

The charity; the family-owned firm was founded to honour the founder’s grandmother, who lost her battle against cancer.  Today, Acure donates to Bright Pink and to help provide free mammograms to at risk women.

The question; what are you waiting for?

Price: $
Scent Classification: Aquatic
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity