Acousticjus Stellar All Over Oils

Of all the Jasmine scented accoutrements I have clogging up my vanity table and drawers, Liz Zorn’s Jasmine Summer always holds a sweet spot for me. I first discovered the scent last summer and wore through the bottle in a matter of days. It’s invariably tugs at my heart; the sly of Key Lime playing off the White Jasmine is quite like any other.

So you can imagine just how thrilled over the moon I was to see Liz launch a line of organic body oils made from Golden Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut carriers. Both are brilliantly indisputable base oils; Jojoba to mimic your very own sebum and Fractionated Coconut to prevent the treatment from going rancid. Interestingly enough, the combo isn’t just for the body and hair, but also for othe face as a make-up remover. If you like that sort of scented thing. And, if you know me…you know I do.

What I see more often that not is that when a body oil is created by a perfumer, the cushiony scents tend to be more experiential and daring. No boring oranges or reticent roses with these niche brands. With premium oils sourced from select corners of the country and beyond, what you end up trying is truly a serious olfactory scent that could rival that of a complementary fragrance; well, minus the sillage, of course.

Subtle balance is what is Liz’s form of art. Pervasive florals have a way with herbs like Sweet Basil and sweet accords play off well against oddballs like Tobacco. It’s almost like Liz listens to the notes…she encourages their bloom personally. That same attention to perfume is what she gave to the Stellar All Over Oils ($35 - $50). The oils are lightweight and leave zero shine.

Bewarned, the trio explored below isn’t for the faint-hearted. No, you have to have gumption to move beyond the straight-laced Lavender. From the collection:
  • Little Bohemia: Benzoin lovers finally have their oil. The linger of the resin captures the attention and lingers on with smooth accords of Geranium Rose, Labdanum and touch of Clove. The wonderful notes play off each while Tobacco’s fleeting smoke is buried underneath and offers a contrast to the richness of the sticky sweet opening. Alluring without cloy, it’s wonderful to layer with anything Vanilla.
  • Nocturne: My personal favourite thus far thanks to the fresh, dewy and irresistible Rose de Mai.  Indescribably luxurious, Geranium Rose deepens the floral expression while Vanilla and Cardamom bring a genteel sort of harmony in a way that is almost meditative. 
  • Sitting Lotus: Bharat’s Sandalwood sees a new twist with the depth of Cedar and the dry aromatic notes of Vetiver. It’s a beautifully unisex oil meant for both you & him as the last surprise is rooted in a transparent Vetiver that keeps the scent from becoming too manly. 
Initially, I thought my beloved Jasmine Summer would have been reincarnated as a body oil, but that’s the thing about abstract artists…they aren’t easy to predict. And, isn’t the fun of anticipating what’s next?

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Varied
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity