Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil

Tucked away in the corner at Woodley and Bunny is a fascinatingly scented Argan, Buckthorn and Sunflower hair oil.  How could it be otherwise? You’d be on safest ground with an all organic Argan oil. But, these rarely come scented and I love nothing more than a fresh, near enigmatic scent added to my hair oils that add more fun to a traditional hair and face weekly spa night.

Purists may nitpick at the 10% Argan content in Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil ($45), but to naysayers I say, let us not forget the super-high-vitamins in Buckthorn and Omega-6 content of Sunflower oil added to the mix and get the inner workings of your hair set in place. Mistake not, as this treatment is a hair oil first.

The collective oils help re-build your cuticle’s strength with Rosemary, which stimulates hair growth and helps produce shiny coats. You can choose to use this as a leave-in treatment or even hair masque (it washes out with one shampoo rinse) or as a serum to tame those wiry flyaways on ponytails and up-do's. You won’t see a slip of grease anywhere as it has the consistency of an ultra fine serum, but what you will feel is sublimely soft locks for hair in need of special TLC from heat or environmental damage.

The Swedish duo behind the brand (Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, pro stylists with experiences from Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Allure, and GQ) has gotten this hair oil so right. If it’s not for their proprietary Ocean Silk Technology (which is the result of extracting valuable proteins and minerals from multiple coldwater sea algae and blending them proportionately with other carefully selected active ingredients)…if it’s not for the lightness of its touch…it’s for the stunning and vibrant scent. Exclamation point.

I was there sniffing away at the bottle tempted to use the lively, lingering oil as a body one for its persistent fragrance. Really, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with this fresh, strongly present aquatic scent, which teeters on the icy edge of some unisex blend. The hair serum is fragranced with what is a crisp-smelling clean parfum; a bracing freshness that offers almost dizzying aqueous waves of energy through a fully expressed ozonic accord ushering in familiar sweeps of inventive green notes and the woodsy aspect of Rosemary. Non-musky, non-sporty, non-dramatic the marvel of the scent is that it offers an unmatched marine elegance as it grows more subtle yet complex. And, this may very well exasperate the scent fiend. Deconstruction should be fun for you.

If only someone could bring the work of 'clean-with-character' minimalism like this to body oils.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Fresh
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity