Restoring Rose Sallow Thorn Body Oil

Huile lovers may argue over a Rose oil; Geranium vs. Damask, fragrance vs. essential, water vs. absolute. But, one is for sure – there is no denying the Rose oil is having its moment in aromatherapy. Contentious or not, it’s clear with the myriad of Rose oils out in the market, oil fans do want to find that one elusive, perfectly blended one.  Some like their Rose light and airy; others want that velveteen sensuous finish. Some even prefer their Rose flanked by darker essences.

Where does Primavera’s Restoring Rose Sallow Thorn Body Oil ($37) sit on this spectrum? Neither side actually.  It’s the first of its kind, actually; that rare agreement between the sweetness of Rose and splash of Citrus notes. Be warned as the initial impression is that of sparkle and effervescence, not of Rose's customary linger.

You know the quality when you smell it. A softy, breezy Rose of the Damascena variety blended with Rose Mosqueta oil, which is a soft and lightly fruity fresh Rose scent. Spread more and the oil is refreshed with ripe and juicy citrus notes (like Lemongrass) with the warmth of something like a vintage Vanilla, which anchors the sweetness amiably. Innocent and young, the scent isn’t. Rather, it’s a clever but extremely lightly scented blend that steers clear of any fears you have wearing something remotely close to your Granny’s Rose.

I say quality because most of Primavera’s products are made from 95% certified organic ingredients, which have been cultivated by the brand itself. There’s a lightness to the refinement of the carriers; Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, and Wheat Germ all of which give a slightly weightier feel to the finish but sink in after a bit of massage.

The magic of Primavera is in the studious pureness of their raw ingredients harvested from one of their 18 sustainable farms and strict production requirements. And, at this price, it’s not a Rose oil you feel you’ll have to save for special occasions. It's great for the woman with a busy schedule and who appreciates a versatile body treatment; Leave the bottle by the bedside to give your hands and cuticles an overnight, glove-like treatment. Use freely on your legs after shaving or waxing. Try it as a hair mask (like I did) and sop up the fortifying vitamins A, D, E from Wheat Germ to strengthen cuticles.   The scent won’t overwhelm, but rather leave you skin smelling like you wished that great shower gel would…but doesn’t.

The one thing that Rose purists will agree upon is that a Rose oil should be used without regret.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous