Red Flower Moroccan Rose Petal Topped Candle

Its dried flower adornment is one of the most hotly debated subjects on the net. To top or not to top? Dried blooms may be especially important to some folks (like me) who can and most certainly will find a use for the medley of buds included in this candle. Others simply brush off the potpourri as a marketing blunder, which can and perhaps should be done away. Nay says the serious scent aficionado.

An expression of Morocco’s love affair with tender roses, the layers of magically vivacious Bulgarian and Damascus sweetness prove popular with the masses. With their long lasting, luscious temperament and strong throw, the Rose is a remarkably sophisticated floral but musky scent; a fragrance enhanced with the spice of Patchouli and whiffs of an impressionable Coriander. An eco-smart candle with a clean burn from its premium soy wax, even the packaging is chosen with care for its use of 77% post-recycled waste. But, the dried flowers atop?

Plenty of uses, I say. My fave - as the perfect addition to the ambiance of a Himalayan mineral bath when the crushed batch is mixed in with the salts. Don’t toss them. Rather, revel in the serenity of the sight and scent.

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