Nest Fragrances Moroccan Amber Candle

Winter has not left, if you're thinking about tucking away those Ambery rich lotions and candles. This season, one of the most enticing candles sees the classic Amber traced with a sweet but pronounced Patchouli lending your air a seductive yet elegant scent. Hypercritical Amber fans will like.

Nest Fragrances knows how to respond to young and ahem younger women alike as the brand's lighting offers more of an emotion, than just a flicker. Bergamot is cozy in character giving the Amber a slight lift, while a powdery Heliotrope gives the fragrance just a right amount of sweet but wintry twist. Wondering if the bite of Eucalyptus will annoy the delicate virtue of these accords? Not really as it’s more of a nibble, which adds more of a crystalline freshness when you least expect it.  It's got a clean burn with a throw as big as you'd like it to be and is a far better choice than burning another smoky stick of some bargain bin incense.

And, the guy-approved packaging gives his crib that much-needed scent makeover you've been meaning to do.

$34 available at BergdorfGoodman.