Mermaid Perfume Oil & Candle

The brand is as elusive as the mythical creature herself. No contact name, no bio, no PR pitch to hyperbolize the simplicity of soy or oils. Mermaid just exists. And, I will say much to the delight of orange blossom fans in fragrance and room ambiance alike.

The perfume oil collects a great bunch of of freshly plucked sparkling citrus-floral notes granting the scent a luminous heart, priming it for nostalgia. Oh yes, this appeases your unrequited desire to smell something as close to the blossoms itself. Feminine, delicate, and cheery in its ever so slightly greenish unfold as a skin scent, the arresting lilt of the blossoms doesn’t give way to any one dominant accord leaving with you with a pure sun-shiney ode to the nobility of the blossoms. Enchant the skin and even hair. Yes, I poured a few droplets throughout the tresses and spent the day surprised by the spontaneous wafts. With a lasting power of a couple of hours on the wrists, the obvious lack of pretense found in this discreet bottle is what will make you want more. And. More.

To complement your botanically beautiful aura, add the 100% soy candle to your cart. It’s a candle to hearken the arrival of spring with its spellbinding sweet notes and graceful clean burn. Soot-free, the evocative trail trickles into the air gracing it with a serene gentleness, which shows the matter of thoughtfulness put into this creation surely blended with a modernist hand.

By whoever she is.

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