Just Neem Oil

I pass a few drops under my nose. From the calibrated dropper, which makes it easy not to waste. It’s not piney. It’s not pungent. It’s kind of like Lavender on steroids, fully camphorous but with just a tad of hidden sweetness in its bracing unfold. I just tested a light Mandelic Acid peel on my skin, so I look up to see the slightest hint of flush on the bare cheeks. Nothing to daring or drastic for me, but these do stave off the occasional cystic flare-ups. An oil is needed. Neem Cure ($8.50) is it.

Neem. Does the word invites a few crinkled sniffs? It might as you’ve often thought about the medicinal slice of Neem as just an organic anti-bug oil. Well, let’s have a second look at the natural richness of Neem, which just happened to be the herb of the month over at Dr. Oz’s blog.

Though I know most people appreciate Neem in their requisite sprays needed for camping or hiking, I’m more into the oil for its anti-bacterial qualities. It’s been an infinite Ayurvedic staple for many who follow the lifestyle as the tree is endemic to India. But news to me is this little bottle of wonder, which infuses African grown and harvested Neem into Jojoba and Tree Tea oils.

Enough has been said about the Neem’s potent effects as an insect repellent and its profound work on insect bites, eczema, psoriasis and even fungal infections. (Dear guy friends…make a bottle your best friend). Pet lovers apparently know to keep Neem oil handy as you can add it to pet shampoo and kill ticks and fleas. New to me...and my German Shepherd.

What makes Just Neem’s Neem different than the common varieties imported from India is that the brand’s hero oil is actually sourced from Mauritania. Peter Radtke (the CEO and biochemist behind Just Neem) shared with me some published research, which indeed shows how the Neem collected from the sub-Saharan environment has a greater potency than that of Neem from India, particularly a bug repellent.

Setting my cultural bias aside, I’m going to assume the antibacterial activity is also likely more effective, which is why I opted for the oil after my freshly done chemical peel. After all, a peel does open up the skin far deeper than any topical. And, if the sensitive-to-touch skin isn't taken care of, you might just end up with serious collateral damage to clean up.

On Dr. Oz’s team is Dr. Chaudary, who says Neem, “not only hydrates my skin throughout the day, but it also kills any surface bacteria that can cause skin breakouts.”

Considering the pores are widely exposed after an aesthetic treatment (think waxing, lasers, peels and even microdermabrasion sessions), I’m confident Neem is a smart choice to use after a harsh thing like a peel, particularly because acne is so often caused by bacteria sitting atop skin just waiting to comfortably clog up a pore or tear it up through some micro-torn skin. And, this happens more often than not as if I’m not peeling...I'm flaking off the results of one and if I'm not waiting for this...I’m threading the brows. And, so I did.

It’s ultralight in feel and sinks in nicely. The oil has a crisp yet clean medicinal feel to the scent, though it subsides within a minute or so. The ever so slight floral tinge is a welcomed choice to keep the pungency of Neem low key, which allows the mentholated Lavender to soothe on spot.

And, know you do good when supporting Neem Cures; the brand fosters small enterprise ventures with their deserving group of local farmers. The kismet of business and friendship is always the best kind of karmic gift with purchase, don’t you think?

Looking back on my skin...it’s aglow with tightened pores and velvety cheeks.

Price: $
Scent Classification: Herbal
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity