Isa Restoratives Lilac Rouge

Who hasn’t tried a two-in-one cheek product as was left wanting a bit something more; something creamier, something with a slightly deeper pigmentation, or even something organic and trusted? I know I have. And, it’s exasperating. It goes like this: the shade is too pink, too sheer to stick, or even too gooey to use as a cheek colour.

Brooklyn’s Isa Brito heard my calling. Founder of Isa Restoratives (niche line of herbal concoctions, oils and this one darling lip/cheek balm), Isa has created what could be your perfect merlot-hued lip and cheek balm – Lilac Rouge ($22).

Doubtful? Well, the rouge is super moisturizing from the Macadamia and Avocado oils and does not clog pores. Interesting is how Macadamia oil contains a compound known as palmitoleic acid normally found in human skin. Aging decreases the production of palmitoleic acid, leading to wrinkles and an aged appearance. Macadamia nut oil helps replace this important compound and may help maintain the skin's youthful appearance.

The truth is the balm has a sheer reddish berry tinge that works so well on universal skin tones. Fair are you? A quick swipe of this lip wonder gives you a semi-bold lip; olive skin tones (like me) now have that perfect plumy rose colour for cheeks with some fun finger magic and without the fear of looking dated. Neither skin tone has to worry about this looking too vampy, unless you want to. If so, slick it over a fully lined lip to stay on trend on this spring.

Giving you the natural hue is Alkanet Root; a natural dyeing agent, which is cultivated from the root of its namesake plant and meticulously infused into oils. It’s the organic way to add a healthy natural tint to oils and balms without the need for chemical colourants.

What makes it a go-to lip balm this spring is the non-sticky formula, which while treating up your dry pout. What makes this a standout salve is the sweet bloom of soft lilacs.

Inimitable on all points.