In Fiore Fleur Vibrante and Calendula Solution Botanique

In Fiore is listening to you. It’s that brand that throws your idea of botanicals out the window with every new launch. And, Solutions Botanique in Fleur Vibrante and Calendula ($115) keep the brand’s gamut of sleek body oils in a class of their own.

The cult fave Fleur Vibrante balm was such a wildly popular success, Julie Elliott (founder of In Fiore) had no other choice but to give us a sequeled oil version of its succulent sweetness. The new spin to the usually seen but highly effective antioxidant oils like Grapeseed, Rosehip, Jojoba is the addition of super Vitamin E rich Marula. Dubbed as Argan 2.0, this skin-smoothing is central to strengthening the skin and revealing a sublime luminosity.

Three types of tastefully curated Jasmine oils went into this truly femme body oil: Grandiflorum, Sambac, and Auriculatum defy the usually flowery prose and offer the lush richness you covet from the archetypical floral. Calendula Blossoms flirt with the freshness of the scent granting the fragrance an addicting explosive open. From balm to oil, when will the adorability of Fleur Vibrante morph into a perfume, Julie? Ahem...asking for a friend.

In a calming contrast, when you want the undulating calm of Calendula, it’s Solution Botanique is designed for harsher skin treatments; think waxing, threading, plucking over even shaving. Nicks, razor burns or even any patches of lizard-like skin can be banished this oil. Grapeseed, Jojoba-infused with Calendula Blossoms, and Marula are enhanced with Carrot Seed Oil, an essential oil known for its ability to alleviate skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, and weeping sores thanks to its high carotol content.

Purity isn’t just in its ingredients. Brightly sunlit, the olfactory punch of the body tonic comes from the lilting opulence of suffused Neroli, Orange and Chamomile oils, which aren’t sullied by anything unexpected. Entwined in the scent is a touch of Rosemary, which invokes an herbaceous harmony to give a little more…personality. The oil’s dancing lightness makes is such a beautiful alternative to any traditional lotion you might be tempted to reach for in a weak moment. Do.Not.

Not in the least bit understated, both mesmerizing body oils have pretty kicked up diffusive scent powers as most of the old world apothecary products found at In Fiore offer. I often suspect this is because Julie infuses her genius oils with those 100% wild harvested, ever so pure essences as opposed to merely blending them. More importantly, it’s Julie’s fanatical ways with ingredients that keep me coming back for more of her sexy organic goodness. No way does Julie mess around here.

Try your chance at true luxury.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Citrus; Herbal
Viscosity: Slight viscosity