Does a Hair Oil Have to Be Organic?

Yes and no. With hair oils on the rise to reverse of the overprocessing effects of some of those crazy and chemically rich Keratin treatments & Brazilian blowouts, it’s important for you to decode the label and see if you’re getting a pure treatment serum or a product that may help coat your tresses during heat and styling. One will work on strengthen hair from its core; the other type will likely contain silicones, which work on saving the locks from the harsh tugs, blows and curls caused by your preferred heat-styling tool or much-revered stylist.

With a few frizzies in hand, I pretty much was going to take on this discussion, but thankfully, now I don’t have to. My dear, dear fave #bblogger – Jane Daly – beat me to the post with her informative and detailed breakdown on hair oils: organic vs. well those that aren't.

Hair oils, while little appreciated by the industry thus far, are starting to make their way into the marketplace through high-priced salons and Sephora alike. Jane helps you deconstruct a label, see why it’s important to under the placement of the oils, and helps you choose between the two major types of hair treatments which one suits your needs best.

Just don’t expect to buy an oil and wake up to her insanely gorgeous flowy, Mermaid hair. I know…I want it, too. And, life just isn't fair.