Crabtree and Evelyn Shimmer Lip Glosses

What is it: Super shiny sheer washes of lip colours ($14) that are made from Castor and Sunflower oils. Irresistible oils and sweet scent beckon!

Why it matters: Because Castor oil is a thick, organic nutritious oil that stays put to prevent loss of moisture from the delicate lips without feeling greasy. It’s known as the ‘healing oil’ and rightly so cos’ when you apply the Vitamin E rich oil regularly, it helps increase elasticity. Castor oil is also a humectant, reports the Natural Beauty Workshop site, battling dry skin condition by drawing in moisture and holding it next to the skin’s surface.

Why it impresses: Because the gloss stays put. And, for a good while. With the flecks of microfine shimmer, you get a nice touch of glimmer without the tacky, sticky feel of stuff caught in your gloss. The dramatic glassy finish works well with the superbly translucent colours making lips look oh so juicy! Added to the oils is Shea Butter to give lips a creamy dollop of moisture. Honey Glace works as a nice nude layer of gloss.

The Final Word: Deliciously scented to make you wanna lick it off. Bewarned.