Badger Balm Damascus Rose Beauty Balm

What is it: Look at it! An excellent bargain, it’s the stuff of organic dreams; an oil-based beauty balm ($13.99) that sparkles with a touch of naturalness that glides across the skin with same day handpicked and distilled Roses. Uh yeah, dozens of hands get to these fresh plucked petals before sunrise.

Why it matters: Rose Otto. Delicate, sweet and lightly touched with a honeysweetness. Enough said.

Why it impresses: Ingredients so pure, the USDA says ok to them. Certified organic Olive and Castor oils are blended with hushed essences like Lavender and Roman Chamomile while layers of Rose Otto flow forth effortlessly. Rosehip’s Vitamin A content is added to help with cell turnover and brightness while you moisturize deeply. With spring finally on its way, I find this is a great balm to use after one of those suck-it-all-out clay masks, which can leave skin begging for a quench. Light enough to use over a serum or layer it on for a deep moisture mask.

The Final Word: Fear not of any accidental overdose of a cloying, big, plush Rose. It’s a moist floral at the balm’s best.