Archipelago Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub

You sent the emails. I heard your asks!

Scrubs are often an overlooked treatment across the beauty blogosphere. I’m guessing because readers think a scruff and scrub is nothing more than the quick exfoliation up and down your body.

Not so, I say. Some are globs of goo; others are sandpapery. Some smell so good you’ll want to take a spoonful and taste it. Others are scientifically measured for the roundness of their beading, which matters to you because microtears are a thing to fear. Whatever your fancy, I’m here to help as nothing gets your skin in better shape than using a scrub before your apply your face and/or body oil. Scaly skin on feet and in-growns elsewhere are a thing of the past when the right scrub is used before your oil to help de-flake skin and allow the oil to penetrate deeply and rather quickly.

Archipelago Botanicals can do no wrong in my eyes. The fully potent candles are one thing; the body care a whole other scented obsession. For sensitive skins who are fearful of the super gritty grain, the Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub is an easy choice.

Light sugar granules and pomegranate seeds are glazed with dollops of real honey and blended in the moisturizing base of base of Sunflower, Soybean and Coconut oils. Goo you get from the , but not so much that prevents it from spreading with ease. Use it after you shave the pins (concentrating on the knees) for preventing the dry skin that follows the razor. It’s ultrafine in its grain, which means if you need deeper exfoliation, be sure to reach for a couple of deeper helpings. Natural alpha hydroxys are added with Vitamin C to brighten the skin and help nick marks fade faster, too. Skin is left squeaky clean and polished when used with long upward strokes.

Enjoy the resplendent scent of tart Pomegranates tinged with Roman Chamomile extracts and oil, which burst alongside the burst of something citrus-y like a blood-orange.

A bounty of zested berries is what your skin will appreciate.

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