Tammy Fender Spa Night | Beautifying Serum, Epi-Peel & Bulgarian Rose Water

6:00 PM: Tammy Fender is that brand that is noteworthy for what it doesn’t do; she’s not on Twitter, there’s no aggressive in-your-face marketing, and the brand doesn’t oversell itself. Quite simply – it works and works beyond well.

Why? That part I more often than not attribute to the quality of ingredients; high grade essentials fortified with proteins. Oils can be divided into many categories – vegan, infused, blended, etc. – but that’s the fun of trying each and every one of them. But, in this instance, I wanted the whole experience, the ohhhh and ahhhh of the spa experience. So, last Sunday I set aside one whole hour to relax with a trio of Tammy’s ingenious products - Beautifying Hair Serum ($65), Epi-Peel ($80) and Bulgarian Rose Water ($65).

As you know by now, weekly hair oil treatments are a must-do in my book. But, the Beautifying Hair Serum is different in that you don’t mask with it as much as you wear it. It’s an ultra-light formulation of the classic carriers – Sunflower Seed, Jojoba and Grapeseed, which are impeccable for their knack to sink in straight on the spot and smooth out that annoying frizz. But, what makes this oil way more interesting are Perilla Seed and Marula oils.

Isn’t it nice to see more of Marula in face and body oils? This is the first time it makes its appearance in a hair treatment. But, Perilla is the newcomer to the scene; the oil has been highly popular in Japan for over a thousand years. It’s got a high alpha-linoleic acid content (50-60%), which helps the skin and hair retain moisture. Itchy, dry follicles will sop up the oil in an instant. Added to these oils is Dulse: a fanciful name for a protein complex, which fortifies each strand.

6:02 PM: I applied a few extra happy helpings of the serum sparingly throughout my wispy locks and allowed the aromatherapy do its work. The scent is a lovely, transcendent olfactory pleasure of Ylang Ylang, which grows warmer and richer with Rose Geranium. Both blend brilliantly with a touch of sheer and green Rosemary, which invigorates the scalp with and aromatic rub.

6:32 PM: I reached for the Epi-Peel. The part peel/part exfoliator has the same Grapeseed and Sunflower Seed oils as the serum but with a heft of essentials such as Lavender, Spearmint and Rosemary. Tips on how I used this double-header:
  • You start by using the paste-like treatment as a scrub. Part of the appeal is the exfoliants; ultrafine bits of Lemon and Orange Peel, which slough away the older skin to reveal your radiant glow from within. The granules are so, so fine in size that sensitive skins won’t have an issue with using this 2 to 3 a week. 
  • Fun fact: Tammy uses her scrub 2-3x a week directly on her Clarisonic. 
  • I added more of the mask to create a thin, even layer for the first time and left it for about 10 minutes to allow the Kaolin (a natural clay that absorbs excess oil, dirt, and impurities) suck up the grime from my pores. The mask doesn't tighten or pull on skin, which my Retin-A treated skin appreciated. 
  • It dries gently on the skin allowing the natural active ingredients and essential oils to remove impurities. And inhaling the essences is what we often skip over during our rushed at-home time, no?
6:42 PM: I hop into the drizzle of a warm shower and rinse off the face mask and hair serum. I’ll skip over the scrub and slough fun here.

6:57 PM: I’m admiring two things:
  1. the seemingly softer strands that needed very little conditioner as the hair serum did the trick
  2. the squeaky clean and polished feel of my face. The fixer-upper scrub left pores fresh and clean, which I now prep with the 100% natural Bulgarian Rose Water – which, to me, is the decadent way to tone. 
I’ll have to dot on my prescription med, but shucks I’ve been long out of her face oil and crème from long ago. You'll definitely want to try one of these for the complete Tammy Fender experience.

6:59 PM: Seeing spa-like results with the downright dizzying array of certifiably organic oils and such is always the real treat for me. With earthy essences, lively aromas and wholly nourishing formulations, Tammy Fender’s spa-grade luxury products really do speak to you with a deliberate eco-minded sense.

7:01 PM: Now…the wait for next Sunday’s spa night…begins.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity