Talika Huile Vitale Facial Oil

It comes in a limited edition gold box ($45). Inscribed atop is the Depuis in 1948 insignia. And, without fail…the Rose essence. This time with Jasmine. Something in the spring air always has me fall hard for Rose anything. And, with Jasmine tonalities, you can expect it’ll be a home run with my skin. And, yours.

Could it be the way the Rose calms the senses on the spot? Like we know all too well Rose’s essence will do, even in acneic skins. Is it the subtle sweetness of Jasmine that complements the plant oils - Almond, Avocado, and Wheat Germ? The regenerative properties of their collective fats (which are fortified by skin-loving Vitamins A, D, E) protect skin with a sleek, lustrous coat of moisture without fail. Day or night. Enough of the prose, yes?

Ok. I love the face oil for being made in France, where the invigorating luxury and purity of their ingredients and mythical attributes are sourced righteously from unpronounceable fields that I could only hope to run through some day.  The mouthful of words aside, I’m impressed with more is the addition of Willow, Mamee and Carob Germ oils.

For oilier skins, Willow acts as an astringent and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, thus bringing down the flare-ups with ease and sensitivity. Mamee and Carob are a bit of a conundrum, as I haven’t seen either in any other face oil before and very little is written about their precise fatty make-up. Research does show how Carob has a moderate penetrating power faster than Olive even. And, I suspect both oils are equally brimming with antioxidants as most carriers are known to bring. Though, seeing new and unusual fortified carriers, which are notoriously hard to find but surely prized, are what give this face oil astonishingly silky richness and make it a great find.

The scent – dotted with Lavender accents - relaxes and refreshes with its hearty essentials; the exoticism of Jasmine plays well with the charm of an earthy Rose. The oil has a sunny freshness to its spread and does sink in straight away without any greasy residue.

Apparently the face isn’t the only place that’ll benefit from its strengthening properties. One reviewer on Amazon swears that the serum worked so well on her “cracking, disgusting toe nails” that she used it the nails on the hands as well.  Worked like a charm…go figure.

With its lively floral blend, what more could you want from a face oil?

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity