Sundari Chameli Candle

Sundari means ‘beautiful’ in Sanskrit. Chameli means ‘Jasmine flower’ also in Sanskrit. But, what this candle means is an everyday delight with its reassuring freshness. Crisp and vivid, a tender Jasmine coils around scintillating unsung Lotus flowers imparting a sophisticated rich motif of florals from what could be of times when Sanskrit was being written. Old world transparency, the scent is a softly wafted one, emanating closely from the soy-blended anchor.

With a welcoming but breezy complexity, the smokeless wick helps pretty notes of Lemongrass and spicy Cinnamon scent the surroundings while quite the clean burn shows some intensity without any potent linger. It’s a quiet but memorable Jasmine - subtly intoxicating - that you’ve wanted for when a candle’s scent ought to surprise with a playful spirit. And, surprisingly not shown is the nice touch of a handy bronze-coloured lid, which can use re-used on your other candles.

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