Stark Waxing Studio Silver Lake Candle

Does a wick matter? I didn’t think so until I was amazed by Stark’s Silver Lake Candle, which never smoked, sizzled up, got frayed or quite seriously…had to be trimmed. Having been obsessed with candles and their construction, I’m often surprised by the technicality that goes into the careful selection of the materials. And, I can say, Stark has got probably the most perfect wick I have ever lit to date.

But, the wick isn’t enough. The intoxicating sophistication about Stark’s hand-poured soy candles is also in the genteel delicateness of its Tuberose. Floral fans should know the throes of a smooth and clean Tuberose are quiet and muted, not garish at all. Aromatic Cape Chamomile complements the aquatic tones of Cucumber, both of which segue evenly into a softened Sandalwood. The scent is inviting and fills up the room without being cloying, which can be tough do to with the pivot of a heavy  Tuberose.  The efficiently-made candle with its fragile essences has a moderate throw and shows a nice clean burn with its palpable diffusion and an unshakeable sense of serenity with seamless purity.

$28 available at Stark Waxing Studio (a magnet for hipster crowds who flock to this affectionately popular waxing studio for cleverly handmade candles and oils...and pain-free stripping).