Phoenix Botanicals Wild Rose Face & Eye Serum

You’re sentimental about your skin. So, why not be the same with your face oil? And, if you are, would you say a blend is just a blend? Toss some carriers into a vat, add a few drops of concentrated essential oils, and voila – face oil?

Not quite. It’s not so easy to get the calibration right in a lab blend. And, if you’re unusually drawn to infused oils, then Phoenix Botanicals gets you and your skin the fix it needs. The Wild Rose Face & Eye Serum ($24) is elegant, light and somewhat simple. Rosehip, Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils are infused through regionally harvest Wild Rose petals through a fluid, hand-processed manner which results in  an impassioned serum that works nicely under your night cream and doesn’t bring that in-your-face old granny Rose scent.

I know some of you want the merits of a Rose on your skin, but shy away from the usually cloying sweetness that some Turkish or Indian essences can bring. Fear not, friends, as Irina (the joyfully charming blender behind this coveted Etsy brand) sifts her oil blend through rose petals, which bring that tranquil calm and energy to the serum and softens straight away. Irina says:
"The infused wild rose petals impart the natural Rose oil, which is milder for the skin than using the actual essential oil."
Rosehip is always the preferred choice for promoting a clear and bright complexion with its copious amounts of Vitamin A, C and Linoleic acid. The first two get into skin the regenerate, but the latter helps with acne.  Studies show that acne often occurs in people whose skin lacks sufficient amounts of linolenic acid (a substance your body derives from linoleic acid).

Specifically, the sebaceous glands in skin secrete “sebum,” the natural oils found in all our skin, and acne sufferers have been found to have sebum that lacks a sufficient amount of linolenic acid. Infusing the oils with rose petals helps calm these pesky inflammations without clogging up the pores. The fast penetrating serum leaves no shine behind and…is scent-free!

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things in nature that work as nature’s profound wonders. The mavericks on Etsy get this.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: N/a
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity