Phoenix Botanicals Triple Vanilla Botanical Perfume Oil

Even with over 1000 new launches every year, the fragrance industry often exposes through this glut of scent some pretty inevitable gaps. For me, that is a fairly decent, easily layerable Vanilla scent. It can’t be too sweet like pudding; it can’t be sugary like marshmellows. I prefer mine to have the teensiest redolence of resin or spice, which either evokes elegance and/or warmth without cloy. I found such a scent - Phoenix Botanicals Triple Vanilla Botanical Perfume Oil ($24).

The curious thing about this perfume oil isn’t just that’s it's a pure Vanilla oil with no other essences to muck up the softened tempo of the scent, but rather it’s quite rich and deep with subtle tones, infused three times in Jojoba to enhance the fragrance of premium Mexican Vanilla Beans. A cut above the regular Tonka variety, Mexican beans have the characteristic Vanilla warmth in their aura. Their indulgent, decadent quality is favoured for slivers of seductive and dark spice currents, which are as enthralling as they are intriguing.

It should be said straight away that this perfume is a deep, enveloping oil blend, which melds into skin beautifully. I’ve been have a rip-roaring time layering it over roses, musky florals, and even oriental scents to concoct some pretty incandescent variations and elevating the original incarnations to something a bit more enticing. On its own, the oil has a decent tenacity and lasted about 2 hours on my skin while staying quite close. When blended, the Vanilla highlights the blended nuances with a buttery softness. Exceptionally charming it's a gentle thing of beauty.

Clean and pure, nothing trumps the comfort and simplicity of an endlessly classic Vanilla, wouldn’t you say?