Olivina Olive Body & Leg Oil

Hair as wispy as the wind. Yes, that’s mine. And, what’s more is that I’ve been highlighting it for decades. Overprocessed? Never. Breakage? Luckily never. But, easily dry, perhaps brittle every now and then. And, of course that requisite fading you see. See, when highlights grow out, they don’t just leave the dreaded root line, but they also fade from repeated washings.

So, how does a body and leg oil from Olivina ($29.50) relate to hair? It could. But, not just yet. I’m waxing poetic about Olive oil. See…many, many moons ago, long before this blog or any beauty blogspot site existed, I was using actually pure extra virgin Olive oil every week in 30 minute sessions to prevent my hair from the drying after effects of highlighting them.

Now, hair-abuser, I was not. But, I learned of this nifty, non-spendy trick by way of a quick lecture from my 70-something Indian granny, who reminded me of the age old traditions of India and using common variety kitchen oils to strengthen the hair from the cuticle down, which prevent breakage. See, hot-oil massages are done daily if not bi-weekly in the motherland. But, having wispy fine tresses meant stinky ‘ole Mustard and heavy Coconut (these two are the usual players in any Indian kitchen) were out of the question.

So, I reached for my Trader Joe’s Olive oil. And, never again did the highlights fade much to the surprise of my stylist of 9 years, Jessica Pierce. Touch-up after touch-up, she kept asking what hair products (yes, she assumed plural) I was using as she had never seen her color work stay so true on any of her client’s hair. And, every time I proudly smirked the merits of Olive oil over her $38 conditioners and treatments. Chronically dry hair was a thing of the past with the magic of Olive! And, that's just hair. On skin, it's even better.

So, what is it about Olive that acts a cure-all and gives you the softest skin possible? First off, the docs trust the oil implicitly. Probably more so than any other oil, too. Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Perricone wholly believes in using the vitamin rich oil (it has A, E, D and K) topically and even internally. He says, “EVOO is rich in oleic acid, which possesses superior health and emollient benefits and offers small amounts of vitamin E, a key antioxidant for the skin.”

Skin guru, Dr. Leslie Baumann, also supports the intake of Olive oil as a way to combat signs of photoaging. A recent study of almost 3,000 men and women between the ages of 45 and 60, showed a higher intake of Olive oil correlated with less severe photoaging in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of sun damage like uneven tone and rough texture. But, she also says its an excellent emollient for dry skins.

The greatness of Olive continues in Olivina’s skin-loving oil. Grapeseed, Safflower, Jojoba, and Rice Bran are added to round out the full-bodied oil and deepen the nourishment from Olive itself. But, what renders this oil excitable is its indescribable androgynous scent, which is gentle, light, and sophisticated.

The essences aren’t listed, but know the quasi-woodsy smell is fully seductive and appealing. When used over shaved legs, not only is skin left silkened up, but it’s also left with a veil of some secret alchemy that isn’t dominated by any single one essence. My guess would rest of a fresh variation of discreetly blended Cedarwood and Vetiver with perhaps equal amounts of a slightly resinous Pine to give the woody base an invigorating lift. The verdant result is quite magnetic with a subtle green sharpness.  Aggressive, it’s not, but suitable for both sexes it is.

The best part? A pump! Seemingly, you wouldn’t think such a simple, functional piece would be important, but considering you’ll be applying it onto legs to rid yourself of scaly winter skin, the last thing you’d want to do is hand pour this exceptionally vibrant, inherently stimulating body oil.

By the way: if you're really serious your hair, heat up an ounce or two, apply as a hair mask from scalp to root, and mend those unsightly ends. The oil will wash out with one shampoo rinse and leave your locks gloriously shiny.

Olive oil...the perennial classic works every time.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Woody
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity