Olie Biologique Power Trip Trio

What is it: For those looking to explore the practically limitless realm of oils, here is a convenient three-pack of starter serums ($32.50) to help you try and appreciate the benefits of a great face oil without the commitment to a full sized bottle. Nature’s brilliance in mini-sized spritz samples!

Why it matters: Even though 2012 was christened the year of the 'huile', some of you are still a bit terse and nervy about using a face oil. Irrational fears of breaking out aside, Olie Biologique rode the Argan mania and is actually the only brand to have conveniently packaged up three of their wildly popular oils (two of which are reviewed here) all of which are USDA-approved. Make no mistake as these are oils of character.

Why it impresses: Because your skin will change with the seasons. You might want Huile Moderne for the persistent spotty dryness or Huile Radicale for its inherently serene Rose Bulgar oil. Ultra-sensitive skins will opt for Huile Claire, which in all radical honesty is what I used over a quickie, at-home chemical peel in my neverending quest to obliterate my age spots. I found the supremely lightweight, sensitive-skin formulation took the zing and sting out of the bi-weekly deep exfoliation and hovered lovingly over my tender skin. And, with vivacious accents of Chamomile and Lavender to soothe, I awoke to brighter, clearer skin that was softened with the organic blend without a flake in sight.

The Final Word: A kit that best attests to the power of natural oils. You know have no more excuses.