Munio Candela Midnight: Jasmine Villa Jar Candle

Munio is my first foray into lighting with wood wick candles. The premise is simple – the soft crackle of a mini-fireplace is echoed through the popsicle-like, paper-thin wood stick, which serves as your wick. And, while you don’t have to worry about any freefalling sprouts of embers, you do have to be wary about trimming the wick with each lighting. And, that’s easy enough.

Midnight is the intoxicating blend of a dewy Jasmine laced with a feminine Lavender to create cascades of sheer relaxation. And, what an awesome throw Munio offers! Within just 30 minutes of its initial flicker, the whole room was filled with the irresistible fragrant oils, which are deeply and evenly blended within an all-natural soy wax. Hand-poured in Oregon, Munio gives us a highly potent candle with a young spirit that bursts with emotion and exoticism for hours on end. After two hours of a super clean burn, the candle ends up with a calibrated inch of ambery liquified soybean oil emanating the universally recognizable notes of Jasmine that refuse to fade. The reusable glass jar is a bonus, though eco-fans will appreciate the biodegradable packaging as well.

My lesson to you: learn how to trim wicks, wood ones or otherwise. After allowing the candle to cool, I took nail clippers to nip off the soot part of the wick. After I saw snippets of my soot adulterate the purely serene soy, I decided to invest in a wick trimmer for future candle lightings. You should, too.

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