In Fiore Rose Noir & Night Queen Body Oils

What do organic Rose absolute, Jasmine liqueur and inextricably frayed nerves have in common? You can find all three deeply ensconced within my bath tub on a weekly basis. But, I'll admit...I’m a stranger to baths. I mean plucking time away from devising PR strategies, wrestling with a 90 lb. German Shepherd and deconstructing the Law of Karma keeps me quite the busy bee. Add to that my penchant for oils and the such, I say it’s been a challenge to cordon off a bit of time for a heavenly splash and soak.

And, then I stumbled across In Fiore’s extraordinarily enigmatic bath and body oils – Rose Noir ($58) and Night Queen ($68). Virtually unknown to me was In Fiore’s body oils, as I have spent so much of non-soaking time reveling in the luxury brand’s balms, perfumes, and face serums. How odd a year of blog passed without a review of their decadent body oils?

And, considering the fact that scheduling a weekly bath is my New Year's resolution, I'd say for the bath or skin, consider these oils as decorative works for the skin and soul. Both are created from organic Grapeseed, Jojoba, and Vitamin E oils, which give off a supremely slick feel without any grease or shine. And, how do I know? I love…I mean unrequitedly love…Rose Noir so very much that I started using it on my face! Yes. It’s true. The seemingly ritualistic slather of a body oil has also been used on my face under make-up but over my Retin-A to soothe the wind’s strife against my customarily soft cheeks. And, it works.

What I love so very much about Rose Noir is the conflicting pulses of wildcrafted Rose Absolute, Geranium Sur Fleur Roses, Rosewood, Saffron, Vetiver, and Oud. In Fiore’s incarnation of Rose never ceases to amaze me. The oil impresses with its luminous feel and enriched essences. A full-bodied richness glides across skin as it’s wrapped within an impetuous Rose with a muted Oud. Velvety voluptuousness with an intimate trail is what comes to mind. And, to the face in a mere droplet or two comes a wearable option  more so for the night than the day. I could not stop stroking my skin the morning after earning the prodigal Rose a new respect.

In contrast, Jasmine aficionados will want to embrace the delicate botanical meandering of Night Queen, a somewhat heady infusion of Jasmine absolutes blended with Patchouli, Bergamot, Rose absolute, Saffron and Oud. Puritanical in intent, the sensory cacophony of Jasmine and Rose open warmly, but quickly bestows a revitalizing freshness of Bergamot imbued with sensual facets of a resplendent Oud. Rich and seductive, Night Queen speaks to the ecstasy of another kind thanks in part to an attenuated floral heart.

It’s hard to choose betwixt the two – Rose Noir for its satiny linger; Night Queen for its symphonic medley of essences. Whatever your choice, know you’ll elect to soak or slather with an oil that is charmingly feminine and promises to stoke your senses to a higher level.

Forget Calgon...In Fiore...take me away...

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous