In Fiore Corps Vitale Balancing Floral Tonic

What is it: The perfect little something ($125) to get your body back into check and into its rightful spirit. Saturate and delight your skin’s sense with this ultra-luxe formulation of Aloe Vera juice, organic Bulgarian Rose hydrolate, and a proprietary In Fiore tincture.

Why it matters: This skin-invigorating tonic is like nature’s dew; actually think of it as an essential step in your skincare regimen as it preps the skin to better receive topical restorative treatments by stimulating circulation, restoring epidermal balance and hydrating simultaneously. Medicinal extracts you’ve probably never heard of - Astragalus Root, Red Clover, Mullein Leaf and Oregon Grape Root - are renowned for their healing and anti-bacterial properties. For example, the perennial herb Red Clover has a strong antispasmodic effect on asthma and coughs and also helps alleviate the itch with eczema.

Why it impresses: Because pumping a few spritzes of the faintly scented tonic after a bath helps firm up skin, leaving it more supple and primed for the choice of body oil. The price is a bit steep? Fret not, as it also comes in a travel size ($32) to try. And, the mini bottle can be refilled once you fall in deep, deep love with the formula. Rest easy knowing the nutrients with their dry medicinal notes of the delicious Bulgarian Rose will penetrate easily and leave no trace behind. Try spraying generously onto the bristles of a dry brush and dry-brush from the toes to head in long upward strokes for some serious refreshing. Regular dry brushing this way helps stimulates the endocrine, circulation, immune, and detoxifying systems.

The Final Word: Pair the successive spritzes and brushes with a meditative sense for a bi-weekly oohs and ahhs. And, get 20% off either size between now and February 4 when you use the promo code CORPSBEAUTY. Free shipping on the larger size!