Fumme Haute Flash Candle

Fumme gives us further proof how candles made my perfumers are always so right. When you splurge on the Haute Flash Perfume Oil, be sure to add the uniquely homespun candle to your cart. Influenced by fresh white botanicals, Haute Flash is a cornucopia of indulgently fresh Gardenia set amidst a bouquet of Jasmine, Tuberose and Lily of the Valley.

Reminiscent of spring’s first inhale, the hand poured 100% soy candle imparts the most precious of green Gardenias to illuminate your personal space with its soot-free, moderately clean burn. The authenticity of the deep and strong throw lies in the wide pool of wax that wholly gives off sweet tempered wafts of cozy florals. Refined and ready to awaken the senses with a reminder that perfumers always manage to have some astute sense to scent candles just the way we like them - with a luminous character.

$30 available at Fumme.com.