Fumme Haute Flash and White Perfume Oils

You may never have heard about Fumme.com; a new and niche perfumery from Texas that is making some pretty powerful parfum extraits and perfume oils. And, though there isn’t much history behind the brand – founded by the effusive and charming perfumer Lisa Garrard-Rogers – Fumme is going to be one brand to put on your hot list for producing perfume oils and parfum extraits with their carefully balanced spontaneity and impressive command of essences. In short, Fumme has arrived.

It’s a small, undiscovered brand that values grace and distinction in the serene halo of a scent. The best kind if you ask me – devoid of marketing fluff with all the intent and investment spent into the pureness of essences.

As almost anything with white florals, the obsession begins by finding the truest form of the scent. And, nothing that has been hurried together in a slapdash form will do. In this spirit, Haute Flash and White Perfume Oils ($25) continue this thread of through with their sumptuous and chic accords of flowers; easily wearable on their own or fantastically layerable together.

Gardenia fanatics will marvel at Haute Flash’s near replica of the elusive scent. I mean it’s the closest thing I have smelled to a Gardenia; a righteous ode to the innocence of the flower so loved by many. Most iterations tend to weigh on the heavier side, sometimes even offending with the cloy of companion essences. Not Haute Flash.

Imagine if you will the greenest Gardenia imaginable plucked at dawn with its crystalled dew drops in tact. Its wet and creamy unfold ends powdery with a unique and memorable evolution. White florals (I suspect Tuberose, Jasmine and perhaps even Orange Blossom, but my untrained nose can’t be so sure) have been woven into the heart and create the spellbindingly sweet and airy scent. Watch for the expansive diffusion as it impresses for a few hours of long-lasting wear. The unified structure is liner for the most part, but arresting really. But, what a grand Gardenia it is! To enhance the wear, Fumme also offers in a Whipped Souffle ($25) formula for layering.

In contrast is White. A scent that smells like it was made for me. Seriously, I’m not narcissistic, but my reluctance for musk has lately be thwarted as newer, soft-skin musks grab at the attention. White is an energizing and luminous scent, opening first with the unfurl of a quiet, perfunctory play of tuberose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Gardenia. Yes, the notes are similar, but the velvety bouquet is marked by the graceful and ethereal musk. In short – I love it at first hit. A decidedly lucent musk that appears like a fresh flight of fancy every time the wrist passes the nose.

I liked White’s summer chic linger so much that I implored Lisa to create a less concentrated body spray version for my nightly wear. The mall cart and department store versions always seem so garish to me. Stay tuned for whether it can work or not, but it’s the sort of aesthetic that I’ve come to appreciate and well, really want to wear after a shower.

But, that's the kind of challenge I know Lisa likes. Stylishly speaking, even when a brand stays true to their usual standards of care in their compositions, translating a blend from a dense and energetic version to a scintillating softer one isn’t as easy as we’d like to think. So, the wait for me begins.

But, for the scent-obsessed, that’s never really mattered.