Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil

Seeming to juggle both medical science and a personal intent on luxury skincare, Dr. David Colbert has launched a new face oil, furthering the support for oils as valid ingredients that don’t disrupt the epidermal balance. And, if anyone would and could put some high luxury into a serum, it’s Dr. Colbert.

See, before launching his eponymous line of scientifically sound skin treatments, Dr. Colbert served as a dermatological research consultant for Chanel in the holy land of all things luxe - Paris. Armed with this experience and the appreciation for scent, you can expect some pretty capriciously curated oils to make the cut into his Illumino Face Oil ($125).

I’m duly impressed with a doc putting his whole scientific weight behind the use of oils as women age. Specifically, Dr. Colbert says, “Women have mistakenly shied away from facial oils until recently. Once you hit your mid 30s or early 40s its essential to use a weightless oil to replenish our waning internal supply. And, to continue doing so after the the big 4-0 milestone with the help of retinoids." That’s exactly been my regime for now for over two year…and before you ask, no I haven’t gotten up that hill just yet. How astutely fabulous is it to see a certifiably successful derm calling attention to oils and asserting for their continued use? Very.

Illumino is pretty darn weightless. Try a pump, tilt your palm, and you’ll actually see the oil spill like water. Precisely blended within Fractionated Coconut oil are the usually popular carriers - Olive, Marula, Argan, and Grapeseed. But, Dr. Colbert’s formula differs as it also has Passion Fruit, Yangu and Borage oils.

Passion Fruit is what will help reveal smoother, brighter skin as it’s high in Vitamin A and C content. Profoundly light in texture, it blends nicely with the fatty acid rich Yangu oil, which is derived from the holy grail land of antioxidant oils, Africa.  What’s interesting to note about Yangu is how the oil also brings a natural UV protective function to the serum. Packaged with an airtight pumps ensures the unadulterated oils keep their potency for a long time to come.

Splurge alert: once you smell the lavish elixir, I can promise you that you'll use it up quicker than you'll want to.

It’s a fruity cocktail of crystallized Passion Fruit with sweetened floral undertones balanced with a hint of an aquatic vibe in this oil. Fresh and aromatic, the essences don’t overwhelm the senses, but rather hover over freshly toned skin with their crisp and sheer notes. I keep re-sniffing the tendery bouquet of flowers to guess at this oceanic bent and how intuitively it allows the harmonious essences to dominate atop. But, blissful skin is what I really marvel at.

With the smattering of derm-approved face oils quickly replacing the chemically-ladens serum, Illumino is unquestionably quite the standout serum from the few in the market. Spend time massaging this strident oil after cleansing and watch skin come to life with an intangible incandescence by virtue of some pretty fantastical oils. Signs of aging won’t feel deep or true after a few days of Illumino’s use.


Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity