Badger Certified Organic Cheerful Mind Balm

What is it: An anti-bitch balm. Kidding! Well, we all get to visit that mental place from our already stressful, complex lives. You know that place – dark, grumpy, annoying, or even everyone-can-go-to-hell. When a snuggie blanket isn’t around to get you through the day, this totable uplifting balm ($7.99) can help bring you back from the edge of insanity. Or, just cheer you up.

Why it matters: Because science has proven how essential oils and aromatherapy matter. Studies suggest that odors – like Lemon, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang - may have therapeutic applications in the context of stressful and adverse psychological conditions. Whether or not Mercury is in some godforsaken retrograde, you can count on this little tin of wonder to help brighten the doldrums by rubbing the teensiest amount over your temples, wrists and even sides of the neck. Inhale deeply and watch the sad, angry, bitter or resentful feelings slip away. And, please – add a positive intent to this application.

Why it impresses: Slivers of Spearmint cut quietly through the floral essentials blended in Olive oil and acts as a mild stimulant to invigorate the senses. Interesting factoid: did you know Hippocrates, in his medical treatise on plants, mentioned mint for its stimulant properties? Citrusy in scent, some of you may want to apply some over tired tootsies for a quick, non-greasy pick-me-up. Just warm up between the fingertips for an even spread.

The Final Word: Finicky moods (hormonal or not) have now met their essential oil match. Welcome back, bliss!