What’s the Difference Between Face and Cleansing Oils

Read on to learn what makes for a good cleansing face oil (re-posted from Elle):

The main difference between treatment oils and cleansing oils is their relationship with water says founder of the Japanese skincare line Tatcha, Victoria Tsai: “Leave-on oils should be applied to clean skin, over any moisturizers. This is the only way water-based moisturizers will be absorbed because oil forms a hydrophobic barrier that repels water.

Face oil cleansers, on the other hand, contain an emulsifier that makes oil bond to water and wash away. They are the best cleansers for melting away impurities and excess sebum without stripping the skin of moisture,” says Tsai, whose Tatcha collection includes a cleanser with camellia and rice bran oils. “They're also the most effective way to remove makeup and sunscreen because the synthetic oils and silicone in these products dissolve readily in oil but not water.”

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