Phoenix Botanicals Wild Rose Balm

If you’ve got an accredited herbalist creating your balm, I’d say it’s suffice to know the plant extracts and oils used in your treatment are to the point of high level of testing and trialing scientists are known to do. And, imagine getting that level of purity at a steal of a deal - $12.

Yes, that’s all you pay for a therapeutically sound jar of Phoenix Botanicals Wild Rose Balm. It’s another great Etsy find that you really outta bookmark now, as the balm also comes in some other pretty delicious sounding varieties, like Violet.

What makes this a truly standout balm from the conventional Rose variations is that Irina Adam (founder/ethnobotanist behind the brand) actually infused handpicked Wild Rose Petals into the thickly rich base of Olive, Jojoba and Rosehip oils stiffened by dollops of Beeswax and Shea Butter. All organic, of course.

There’s no grease on the slather, but oh just let the whispery scent of a slightly crisp yet radiant Rose sink into your senses. It’s a dynamic variety of oils; Jojoba to moisture like your own sebum and Rosehip to revitalize dry lips. In other words, you’ve got a multifunctional balm, which plays a homage to the old school ways of ancient apothecaries and their deep, deep understanding of the fortuitous synchronicity between plants and oils. Handmade and blended in the Big Apple means you’re supporting a fantastic small business with a relaxed yet spunky vibe that requires very little marketing fluff.

My current experiment with this balm: eyelashes. For long, Vaseline has been touted as the choice slick of grease to help eyelashes grow. But, why put on a chemically crude byproduct when you can coat the flutteries with this perfectly blended, organically safe balm on a mascara wand?

Now, this is conceptual herbalism at its funnest.

Price: $
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Moderately viscous