Patch NYC Bear Solid Perfume

Working with 100% pure Jojoba, the Bear Solid Perfume ($22) by Patch NYC is a wonderful antidote to the olfactory fatigue you may experience in the wintery months. Sure, Sandalwood and Amber have their place on your vanity table, but the indolic warmth of Jasmine need not be cast aside.

Bear. I just want to growl when typing this name. Don’t you? Ok, enough of mischief, but the cutesy claws atop the jar just make you wanna cootchy coo the big, bad mammal. Unscrew the lid and what flows forth is the smooth subtleness of Amber Wood punctuated by the merest hint of a virginal Jasmine. It’s a pillowy Jasmine, wispy at best. The sweet piquancy of a shadowy Violet exudes a lovely candy-esque facet, which adds an interesting depth to what would have been just another Ambered solid. No, Bear has a slightly romantic, almost nostalgic feel to its spread. The tenderly woven essentials around a surprisingly passionate heart don’t feel cluttered at all. Snuggled in their oil base, they rather impart an unblemished airiness as you get your spread on. The scent also seems to flirt very well with Vanilla-tinged accessories - body oils, lotions (I'm sure...) and fragrances.

Patch NYC is quite the little brand that could. And, will. I angling for a candle, but came across their solid perfumes with much intrigue. A hotly popular design studio, the founders seem to bridge the gap between artisanal exclusivity and mainstream acceptance as seen by their home d├ęcor venture with Target. And, that’s what excites me; having two renegade designers take the luxurious, sumptuous handiwork of refined essential oils to the masses without the promotional fluff.