Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil

What is it: Frankincense lovers, you’ve met your match. The faint rasp of a dry but balsamic facial oil ($46.61) is deeply ensconced in a host of carriers to bring an earthly delight.

Why it matters: The carriers are aplenty; Macadamia Nut and Baobab lead the dense base of moisture, though Turmeric is a surprise element that peeks through. The age old Turmeric is known to regulate oily skin types as its anti-inflammatory action will prevent the wayward zits from exploding into red, angry ones. The contemporary spin comes from Hemp Seed Oil, which is made up of 80% EFAs. HSO quite closely matches our own skin lipids, so it’s able to penetrate our cells and lubricate the surfaces between them. The oil doesn’t stick to skin as much as it works its way in quite nicely.

Why it impresses: The scent sneaks in a quiet but medicinally sweet Myrrh with transparent accents of Mandarin Peel and Bergamot. It’s not quite a dark nor mysterious scent, but one that weaves atop skin to work with your natural body odor Fear not, as the studiously simple oil won’t offend the nose upon first slather.

The Final Word: An appealing richness of time-honoured essences make this worth the try.