Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Medio Candela

It’s sex in a candle. And, not the romantic kind. Provocative to the point of sensationalism, the aromatic fierceness of Black Peppercorn has a certain feisty flourish. The sheer presence of Bergamot plays along with the candle’s explosive prelude while the woody rusticity of Cedar brings good taste to balance the whiffs of a musk.

Oh yeah, a sexy musk, too. Prolific as Molton Brown always ensures, the clean-burning layers of spice are accented with expansive echoes of Petitgrain, Lily of the Valley and a Vetiver finish, all together allowing for an interpretive ambiguity. Airy and sensual with an intelligent aura of spontaneous appeal, the scent builds to a climax of undulating richness. Oh yeah...

You can’t help but feel like a sultry vixen with the flickers of Ginger in this pure, androgynous pleasure.

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