In Fiore Bikini Bois de Rose & Bikini Encens Vetivert

For the luxury connoisseur, France is the beast of the bling. It’s the French who know about how to make the most mundane of body care into something that is so virtually irresistible and it is irrefutable. So, it comes as no surprise to me when I heard In Fiore’s newest launch - bikini balms inspired by French women - and had to have a go.

How is it the French know how to stay so afresh while they ooze unrivaled amounts of sexuality in just about anything they touch? Ah, the French and their affection for perfection in everything from food to art, from jewelry to love, from skincare to scent. Everything seems to be a decorative form of adornment for the French, wouldn’t you say? Even their oozing scorn for our rushed relaxation seems to have a well-deserved snobbish air about it.

French, for decades, take such pristine care of their vajayjay’s. Heck, the government even foots the bill for helping post-natal Mommies learn new vag tricks. 

You’d think coiffing would be the best way to describe the maintenance of what we would label with the usual monotony of verbs - trimming, waxing, lasering or shaving. And, while we’re not on a mission to fluff up the tastiest snatch on the sheets, we ought to be wary about preventing in-growns and razor bumps with holistic and regular maintenance. And, let's face it - here, an oil doesn't get the job done.

In Fiore’s Bikini Balms ($120) soothe the soreness that follows any of the barbaric ways that we employ today.  And, for a truly luxe balm, you can trust in my go-to guarantor of good taste - In Fiore - and in their freshly infused treatments.

Striking at the Jojoba center of Bois de Rose is Bulgarian Rose enveloped in its plush freshness. It’s an elegant gem of a Rose, intricately folded into Geranium Flower and Rosewood oils expounding with a transparent sweetness. The radiant rose smartly steers clear of the earthy but passionate trail of Geranium, which could have otherwise clouded its devilishly sexy flourish. A soft Vetiver adds just enough of a woodsy facet to the finish without imparting a rooty bent. To treat the freshly plucked skin, Calendula, Grapeseed and Evening Primrose carriers work with a cocktail of CO2 extracts (Calendula, Rosehip, Seabuckthorn, Rosemary, and Saffron Flower) to take away the redness and return sensitive skin back to balance.

Earthy aficionados may be left sniffing deep for the Vetiver in Bois de Rose. Fret not, folks. Bikini Encens Vetivert is your androgynous antidote to the floral opulence of Bois de Rose. A chameleon-like scent, Vetiver expertly plays off sweetly demure Jasmine while leaving a warmly masculine touch to the melodious linger. Spikes of Frankincense help make this balm feel more intimate and even carnal on its slather while slivers of Patchouli give it a feel of second-skin seductiveness. The same carriers as above work here, though the tally of extracts differs with Calendula CO2, Seabuckthorn CO2, and Rosemary CO2.

In both, Calendula's medicinal properties have been explored for centuries. It was discovered that a great deal of Calendula's effectiveness lies in its antioxidant properties. As an antioxidant, Calendula's high triterpenoid content protect the body from damage caused by an immuno-suppressing function called oxidation and has been proven to aid in wound healing.

The Bikini Balm is your best bet to defensively fight against the harshness of hair removal or atop or actually anywhere else – think upper lips and brows. The fine craftsmanship of the wholly modernist design (the balm is nestled within a cool gun metal compact with a high shine finish) shows off the harmonious flow of nature and design that always leaves me wanting more from In Fiore.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Floral; Green
Viscosity: Slightly viscous