Carolina Chic Charleston’s French Quarter Candle

Etsy is that happy medium between discovering a little-know secret brand and finding that cool, cultish product that you know few will have but many covet. Straddling this fine line is Carolina Chic and her contemporary line of hand-poured 100% soot-free soy candles, which are full of resilience, strength and spirit.

Eco-friendly in its make, Charleston’s French Quarter lights up with a fresh fruity waves of French Pear, succulent even its waft across the senses as it is sensually flanked by an enticing and playful Lychee. The soft yet juicy pairing imparts quite a luminous, sparkling and fruity sex appeal, which will make wanderers stop to sniff twice. There’s a seeming familiar sun-drenched feel to the candle, a balanced sweetness which offers up a cheerfully strong throw, an extremely clean burn, a fully scented room. A bonus is the sleek lid included to protect the integrity of the essences when not in use. Very few brands package their soy candles with the grace of a silver lid.

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