Blithe and Bonny Jasmine Candle

The Jasmine candle by Blithe and Bonny is as elusive as it scent. Imagine if you will a floral renaissance that gets under way in this 100% soy candle handcrafted and packaged in a curious kind of charm. With the phthalate-free fragrance and lead-free wick, the oft-reviewed scent will surprise you with its extraordinary throw and larger-than-life scent wafts.

A mellifluous Jasmine blooms up to a spicy near herbal hug showing a spectacularly gorgeous rise. Really, the best I’ve seen from a candle of late. The enchanted flower’s coquettish playfulness will inspire any passerby to stop, sniff and linger over the retro designed holder and wonder just how much of the pure essential oil was used in the Soy base to lend such an unwavering opulence to the room. An imprint of depth and sensual silence leaves you experiencing the right amount of sophistication at a price, that scoffers will wonder if those twice-as-much candles would compare in scent? Most will not.

I loved the notes so much, I cried at its last flicker. And, I can't think of a sweeter consolation than to find the Tuberose.

$25.95 available at Napa General Store.