Anu Essentials Sita Perfume

I’m at a risk here. I’m wearing Sita wanting to insert a Bollywood song here to show you just how magically enchanting the scent wears on the skin. But, I won’t. Actually, I probably can’t. And, that is because I won’t risk you glossing over this post as another perfume post. You know the kind – fancy, glossed up language to evoke memories of some form of art you probably haven’t heard of, the use of paintings and flowery images to suggest how piquant the notes are, and maybe even just maybe a lyrical ode to some symphony the scent reminds me of.

But, I won’t. 

And, that’s because I don’t know want to you, dear reader, to fall prey to the overhyped marketing megalomania that runs amok with those types of commonplace perfumes. No. Rather, I’d like for you to trust in how niche perfumers, like Anu Essentials, focus on the elemental experience of botanicals with their collection of high-grade oils and bring a certain kind of scent sincerity in their perfumery.

Sita, derived from the Sanskrit word sīta, which means furrow. See, now I’ve even taken away the image of a gloriously sensual Indian Goddess and given you the functionality of her name. And, Sita the scent should also be considered as such – a functionally wearable scent that captures the mindset of Indian folklore. The scent is actually what Sita would have actually worn when she wed Ram - a virginal scent with an inferred purity.

Sita ($85) is an expressionistic, sensual scent, which delightfully morphs from its sequential notes in quite a graceful manner though not being your average floral per se. Take, for instance, the mannerist Patchouli. It’s the Indonesia variety that opens with an unpretentious delivery. It harmonizes beautifully with Bulgarian Rose Otto and Jasmine, creating a remarkable interplay of essences that doesn’t veer into exotic or hippy-dippy territory. In contrast, the shadowy Patchouli keeps the scent light, near airy with the florals kept in tact. Though you’ll see teases of traditional spices such as Cardamom, Close and Coriander blended in minute moments, the understated formula warms up to skin with an amplified freshness.

Patchouli and fresh? Yes. That’s the type of ingenuity that makes it so fun to discover hidden branded gems like Anu Essentials – the scent won’t remind you of anything else out there at Sephora or Macys. Ick. As if you’d even stop at a counter…but I digress.

Sita presents a dusty undertone, which is certain to surprise some of you who may expect a cloyful scent. Actually, it’s a whirling bevy of organic essences stays quite close to skin and will make heads turn with its ultra-dimensional composition.

Just like the goddess Sita did.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral