Oblige by Nature Premium Facial Fluid Moisturizer

What is it: The first bi-phase, organic tonic ($29.95) that could be used as a toner AND as a moisturizer. While the image shows a uniform consistency, do note this is an ultralight, two-part treatment; the plant base resides above the water phase and should be mixed vigorously and thoroughly before spritzing.

Why it matters: The mixture acts as a delivery system to improve the delivery of some pretty nutritive antioxidants from Rosemary and Almond extracts. Easy to use as you can spritz onto the palms of your hands to press into face and even under the eyes. Organic Pomegranate oil in a hefty base of plant oils helps bring in high amounts of flavonoids and punicic acid to help firm up skin and get straight to work on lightening those resistant age spots.

Why it impresses: The herbaceous aroma is largely medicinal with a lush from blend of organic Geranium Mint hydrolate used freely. It’s a happy and relaxed scent, from a sprightly foliage you can bet on, but with a gourmand bent as if this is some exotic herb you’d expect to see on the receipt for a culinary delight, like chutney. Mint lovers will appreciate such a fascinating scent with its rustic freshness.

The Final Word: Soft skin is but a shake away.