Oblige by Nature Hair & Scalp Treatment

What is it: A creative and ingenious approach to ridding hair of the most entrenched flakes, this hair oil ($19.50) is simply awesome to see, use, and rinse off. Safe for colour-treated tresses, the 100% natural treatment washes out with one shampoo rinse and won't leave your locks lank. At all.

Why it matters: Nettle! The oil is so pure that when you open the packaging, you’ll spend a few minutes having fun with the free-floating Nettle, Almond and Marshmallow plant extracts suspended within organic Jojoba, Coconut, Hemp, Rosehip and Olive oils. Nettle has been used since ancient times as a hair tonic, growth stimulant, and to restore natural hair color and luster. The Latin name for nettle, Urticca Diocia, is a verb that means "to burn." It is this tingling sensation of the nettle irritating the skin that increases blood flow and nourishment to areas need moisture. What may seem incongruous at first actually works wonders on stimulating the scalp. I mean, it’s like hair food for the fried ends and more. And, Hemp? It's proven to be helpful for developing keratin formation by having a 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Hemp oil is also made up of 25% protein, which will strengthen hair from within.

Why it impresses: The sharp medicinal tinge between a crispy Mint hydrolate and the smolder of a leathery Birch, you feel as though there is some industrial strength work happening on the follicular level. When used at least once a week, brittleness will be reduced and the damage done by heat will be fixed. The scent isn’t aggressive, scaring off some of you floral fiends, but it is quite unique as the softly thin notes of Balsam Peru actually lends a bit of funk and leads to an interesting creative result. This is serious hair care for serious beauty mavens. With an ultralight texture, scalps will ridiculously moisturized. The best part - you can use this oil on wet or dry hair. But, be sure to shake it up before applying, else the Nettle won't do its deed.

The Final Word: Nettle’s fierce soothe – the antidote to cutesy hair oils.