No. 9 Candle Co. Rosewood 100% Soy Candle

For a truly 100% organic option, No. 9 Candle Co.’s Rosewood Holiday Soy Candle will envelope the room’s air with the warmth of a dusky Rose underscored by the rustic resin of woody notes. When it’s 100% soy, it’s not only slow, clean burn of Rosewood that lures you in to that state of relaxation; when the wax has softened, use it as a hand or even cuticle moisturizer, scented delicately with the cozy comforts of the hugely fragrant yet informal accords of Rose.

There’s a natural elegance to the scent, perfectly suited to light any room. As niche brands often tend to bring purer ingredients and essences, Rosewood offers an above average throw and scents up the room within a few short minutes with its understated woody presence. With a knack for highly eco-friendly standards in these retro-designed, pared down candles, No. 9 Candle Co. is just that type of indie business that’s primed to be the next cult find in LA with a pretty impressive assortment of sentimental holiday lighting.

$22 available at No. 9 Candle Co.