Mox Botanicals Arsinoe Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes seem to inspire two sides of the perfume oil debate. Some may argue a solid is less artistic than the intricate compositions of their liquid counterparts. Other say the lightness, hints of essences is quite the elegant way to memorialize a scent without the talky screech seen in a super high sillage. I sit on neither side as I think every form of fragrance has its style and fully-fledged expression of those cautiously curated elements.

A refreshing counterpoint to the slip n’ slide of my perfume oils is Arsinoe ($44) by Mox Botanicals. I was so thrilled to come across this cultishly hip brand of solid perfumes and butters as the brilliant execution of what you would are pretty simple products is surely going to warrant that kind of buzz you get from Daily Candy. Or, whatever this-is-hot-now blog you follow.

Arsinoe. Just name makes me want what’s in the jar before even opening it. Why? Because when founder Jennifer Slay was reading up on Cleopatra and her legendary wicked ways of the world, she astutely realized that plenty of mediocre products and brands name their stuff after the sultry goddess of gold. How could she? Anti-mass marketing with a distinctly bohemian spirit behind a brand? I was sold. Instead, Arsinoe (the scent) is named after Cleopatra’s half- sister, who she had executed. As marketing goes, this is a home run for me. Who cares what’s in the jar when you have such a smartly, anti-mass attitude for your brand.

Well, you care, of course. And so, come…fall in love with Arsinoe’s flight of gentle Vanilla Bourbon, which harks the arrival of a warm and sensuous Sandalwood and tease of Ylang Ylang. Gauzy and light, the scent starts to sway to a floral song as Jasmine’s pretty touch peeks from the folds of organic Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut oils while a sweet accent of Wild Orange introduces the teensiest of tang in the end. It’s the simplicity here with the noblest of high grade essentials that impresses grants the perfume a luminous character. No blasts of any one essence dominates, but that’s the thing about solid perfumes. You’re not trying to get the person next to you to sniff out your elaborate composition. This stays close to skin when high time subtlety is needed and respected, though with an impressive staying power.

Continue the fragrance fun with the Black Plum and Fig Lip Butter ($16). Black Plum has been largely ignored by organo-fiends in oils, balms and beyond, but why no one knows. Jennifer creates a wondrously slick balm that sees a velvety Black Plum wrapped around Fig extracts refreshed with the comfort of Rosemary. It’s really an incisive blend of the former two, so delectably sweet you will just adore the unfamiliar.

The vegetal Avocado oil and its butter version are the key moisturizers, offering your crusted, peeling lips heavy doses of Vitamins A, D, E and sterolins from its dense structure. Sterolins soften skin and penetrate deep within the skin to moisturize.

Since all of the simple pleasures from Mox are free from parabens, sulfates, chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, it’s pretty much an organic line emblematic of all that is cool in packaging and blending.

Independence from commercialization is the new black.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral